Software, Website Design and Website/Software Authoring

Are you paying a professional company an extortionate amount of money to produce your software or website? Then stop right there!!!!!!

I have been designing database applications, website, and front end tools for over ten years. If you are paying huge sums of money to a professional company and getting nowhere fast with them, then email me and see what I can do for you.

I will produce a sample of the software/website in a short space of time and you can decide if you want to move forward. I have many satisfied customers who agree that a one to one working relationship works better than dealing with corporate software/website designers.

Software/Website/Authoring design can take time to produce but I'm willing to create anything you need. I will design a user friendly front end and create the databases which can be used in conjunction with either SQL or MSDE database engines.

Samples: Software | Software Authoring | E-Training

Scenario 1
You are a company who has a large number of employees on the road. These employees need access to:

  • Your customer base (addresses, contact names, jobs etc) from anywhere in the world.
  • Their tasks/jobs while on site via a PDA (Pocket PC).
  • Job completion details (The employee will fill in his task/job details and it will be immediately available to you. Eliminate unnecessary phone calls).
  • Access to a knowledgebase for rectifying problems while on site.

Scenario 2
You are a company who produce a product and need:

  • Online e-training, authoring.
  • Online product description.
  • Product application downloads (software updates, online forms and questionnaires etc).
  • Product Instruction/User Guide downloads.
  • Online help applications.

Scenario 3
You already have database applications installed on customer PC and need the following:

  • Toolkits from the database.
  • Data analysis extraction.
  • Export data from the database.
  • Attaching and detaching databases for an application without the need for scripts.
  • Importing data into a database.
  • Applications to store huge numbers SQL scripts, execute them and display the results.

Scenario 4
You are not a company but need software produced and don’t know where to turn and need the following:

  • Storage of addresses, contact details etc (you choose the format).
  • Database toolkits for viewing data from various tables and data extraction from any database on your system.
  • Knowledgebase for storage of fault rectification or any other mass data.
  • Record collection details. Click to play.
  • DVD Collections.
  • Database backups.
  • Attaching Detaching databases.
  • Import data via CSV into a specific table.
  • Data removal.
  • Data filtering.
  • Basically, anything you can think of. Send me an email with your needs and I'll discuss it with you.

Each application will be designed to your specifications.

All applications which store data which can be accessed via a web page (Designed by myself) on your network if you require this. Theses web pages can also be setup for external access if you wish. Data additions can also be done from these web pages. Web access is a little more expensive and you will have to host the website yourself. For web access from a standard PC to a none corporate application, you must not have XP Personal as your operating system as it cannot have IIS (Internet Information Services) installed on it.

Hosting your own website for external access is easy to set up. To save money a simple configuration can be set up on your own PC. Instead of paying someone to host it and to give you a www. address, you can simply just type in your IP address in the address bar of your internet browser i.e. You can find out what your IP address is here. Email me if you require more information of prices and information.