Software, Product, E-Training and Website Authoring

Software and Website Authoring can be very expensive to produce. I am offering a low cost alternative. I create software, website's and online e-training for small companies who want to have these facilities but have limited revenue.

All samples available on this site are just basic samples for you to browse over. If you would like to contact me for advice or a quote then click here.

I host the Just Weirs Community which has basic authoring. Click here to view.

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Online training – often referred to as e-training – offers you one of the most convenient ways to gain the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your goals. Lexters will strive to make the learning process informative and fun for your customers.

Product Authoring

Customers will need to understand how your product works. Fully understanding all aspects of your product will only increase your sales.

Website Authoring Having online product description and training will put your products one step ahead of the competition. You would be able to have documentation, userguides, etc available for download.